NRI Max®

Net Retirement Income MaximizationTM NRI Max® for short, was conceived around developing a multi-faceted, proprietary, client-engaged planning process. The main objective is helping clients think differently about how they plan for the next 2, 3, 4 decades of Retirement.

The Benefits of Smarter Investing

We employ various third party money managers that help our advisors work with their clients to best achieve their goals, objectives and risk tolerance. Using A Smarter Way to Invest, we are leveraging a more tactical, discipline-driven approach to portfolio management, seeking out opportunities for growth while mitigating the risk of significant loss.

1031 Exchanges, DSTs & QOZs

We work closely with our clients to not only understand their goals, objectives and risk tolerance but, we take it one step further. When it comes to advanced tax planning, we remove the complexity surrounding DSTs and QOZs and simplify it so our Clients can make an informed and educated decision.

A Smarter Way 401(k)

Providing the same dynamic management as our Smarter Way Allocations, inside your 401(k)

The Fiduciary Difference

Not all Advisors are the same. Some claim they know the best way to manage and invest your assets but often leaves you in the dark with their reasoning behind their strategies. At Guardian Pointe PWM, we have a different approach.

Pre-Planning Needs Analysis

By utilizing our NRI Max® approach to pre-planning, we have put together a series of questions to help us get to know you. Both what's important and what keeps you up at night.