Portfolio Blueprinting

Here at Guardian Pointe PWM we are firmly committed to our clients. The result of this dedication is our premier Portfolio Blueprinting service, which our Advisors provide to all of their clients and prospective clients. This service provides an in-depth analysis of your current portfolio holdings, real returns, actual expenses, risk-adjusted performance, and outlook. We find that clients appreciate this service because it reveals the true nature of their portfolio as can only be revealed by an in-depth analysis.

The benefits of getting your portfolio blueprint:

Know your risk: The blueprint will show you clearly, both quantified and in easily interpreted charts, what your risks and correlations are.

Real performance: Our blueprint will tell you both overall and by security what your actual performance has been.

How much are you paying? The blueprint will tell you exactly what you are paying total and by security what you are paying in buried fees.

Total Analytics: The blueprint provides you all the critical metrics and analytics in both numerical and graphical information on your whole portfolio and for each individual holding.


You are given a unique Blueprint outlining all of the details of your current portfolio. Additionally, your financial Advisor will take the time to go through this detailed report with you, explaining complex points and identifying concerns. This is the first step in truly understanding What you own and Why you own it. Once you have a clearer understanding of your current portfolio, you will be able to determine whether or not you are right on track with your retirement goals and dreams.

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