Individual & Family Strategies

Wealth Transfer

Guardian Pointe PWM has specially focused on providing hybrid-advanced strategies to maximize your legacy while minimizing tax ramifications for every level of assets. We also offer traditional vehicles by which to transfer wealth; each case is handled individually to ensure the most efficient means of legacy planning are utilized.


  • Gifting Maximization
  • Crummey Gifts
  • Beneficiary Designation
  • Trusts

Some of our most acclaimed strategies for wealth transfer are described below.

Tax Free Legacy Amplification 

For clients with considerable assets, this advanced strategy of legacy amplification allows you to leave your family the peace of mind you want for them while also shielding your tax liability both now and then. This strategy employs use of trusts, tax incentivized investments and domestic notes to assure your legacy takes the most tax efficient path. The government manufactures locks on the doors to protecting and amplifying your wealth; we have the skills, product depth, and experience needed to unlock these doors for you and yours.

Social Security, Pension, & Annuity Legacy Maximization Strategies

For clients who do not rely on the income from social security, pensions, or annuities we have developed a specific strategy whereby we can take the underutilized assets and structure them to multiply their legacy impact which offers substantial gains versus leaving them to continue to be under performing until they are completely drained or passed to beneficiaries and taxed. This solution is also particularly effective for clients where one spouse predeceases the other and wants to ensure high quality of life for their loved ones unimpacted by the loss of income between current and spousal continuity benefits.

Charity Maximization Strategy

This strategy allows you to amplify your donatable assets and protects your gift from Uncle Sam’s hands. Using exclusive products in conjunction with invested assets we truly deliver the premier donation strategy, truly accelerated the cause of your choice. Meet with a Guardian Pointe PWM Advisor at your convenience to discuss more about how to optimize your donation.

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