Benefits of Smarter Investing

You may have an idea in your head of what a “typical” Advisor may be like. Someone who claims they know the best way to manage and invest your assets but often leaves you in the dark with their reasoning behind their strategies. At Caitlin John, we have a different approach, emphasized by these main ideas:

Fiduciary Stewardship

Fiduciary: (N) A person, in law, bound to act solely in the interests of the parties they represent in good faith, at all times.

Fiduciary stewardship on behalf of our clients and their wealth is one of the distinguishing pillars on which Caitlin John was built. While this term has become more mainstream in recent years, fiduciary stewardship has truly been at the heart of our pure RIA firm since day one. It’s why we brought together premier solutions from across wealth management, why we have cultivated our client experience, and why Caitlin John believes we offer a superior alternative to traditional sales-based financial service or wirehouse/broker-dealer models.

Total Transparency

Do you understand and feel comfortable with the investment process used by your advisor to allocate your assets? We feel every client should understand not only what they are invested in, but also why and what risks they may be taking on in doing so. We aren’t content until every client clearly understands our disciplined approach to managing their wealth. By breaking down complex statistics into a plain English explanation, we create complete transparency with our clients. In addition, our clients enjoy the ability to view every detail of every portfolio holding and their financial plan at any time, on any computer or mobile device. Finally, the shroud between you and your investment portfolio has been lifted.

Risk-Based Results

If you are like many investors, your advisor has employed a buy and hold strategy, allocating your portfolio into mutual funds and a sampling of stocks and ETFs. While buy and hold may be successful in the long term, it is hardly for the faint of heart given the volatile nature of markets today’s markets. After the market crashes in 2000, 2008, and 2011, we believe in taking a more dynamic approach. We are proud to use cutting edge technology to accurately pinpoint your true risk tolerance, establish a plan to realize your goals, and guide progress towards them. This technology powers your Caitlin John Advisor by enabling them to allocate your investments across asset classes and premier asset managers to precisely match your risk tolerance and plan objectives with changing market conditions.


At Caitlin John, we use omnibus trading platforms that allow us to make changes across all accounts participating in a given investment model; regardless of size. This means our advisors will treat a $100,000 investment account with the same care as a $10,000,000 investment account. We believe in leaving no client behind and delivering the same quality service to each of our valued clients.

Premier Planning

As part of our holistic services, Caitlin John offers access to advanced financial planning services. These services provide clients valuable tools to monitor and evaluate progress towards their goals by using live real-time access to all of their diverse accounts and their always up-to-date financial plan. Our financial plans are rooted in cutting-edge technology and rigorous testing to provide clients, like you, with the benefits of our broad capabilities including: retirement readiness planning, college planning, estate planning, asset protection, cash-flow management, charitable giving, periodic reporting, tax-efficiency, and more. We believe this capability augments each client relationship and our ability to identify inefficiencies and obstacles, and ultimately provide for sustainable retirement income and a generational legacy.

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