Uniquely Guardian Pointe

Guardian Pointe, LLC is a Private Wealth Management Firm headquartered in Brighton, Michigan with a national footprint. As an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm, we work with both individual and institutional investors. Our Investment management and planning style is uniquely focused on educating our clients on common misconceptions in key areas of investing. These areas include: true asset class diversification, benchmark correlation, standard deviation and how crucial risk-adjusted returns are in today’s Global market environment. As a fee-based advisory firm, our commitment to educating our clients stimulates a desire to change the way they think about and prepare for their retirement. Our client services extend beyond just asset management to provide strategic tax planning and wealth transfer strategies for both retirees and those preparing for retirement. Guardian Pointe is the culmination of our experiences, passion and mission to seek out, introduce and deliver the most refined forward thinking financial strategies. We employ a dynamic asset management approach for our client built upon a foundation of ethics and performance standards driven by one thing: Stewardship.

Our Legacy

The founders Ronald J. Briggs Jr. FIC, CRPC and Richard A. Kisser, CFP, CLU combined their 50 years of industry experience extending over 4 decades of their family’s lineage of advising and serving clients to build Guardian Pointe Private Wealth Management. With the culmination of one of the largest generations preparing for retirement and investors demanding more, our vision was to build an Independent Wealth Management firm with a fiduciary approach. Guardian Pointe Private Wealth Management operates with a single goal in mind, “We want our Advisors to give each client our best thinking for them, applying a more holistic and empirical process to our clients Risk Tolerance, Portfolio Management and their overall Financial Planning”. At Guardian Pointe, each relationship begins with an understanding of your unique circumstances today and your vision for your future. Building upon this foundation of mutual understanding, you and your Advisor will navigate a path to your retirement success by identifying and employing the best disciplined approach necessary to achieve it.

Your Guardian Pointe Advisor will work with you, as both architect and engineer, to design and implement solutions spanning portfolio management, financial planning, wealth preservation, and legacy transfer for generations to come.

Introducing A Smarter Way To Invest

Guardian Pointe and our Advisors work closely with third party Portfolio Managers like a Smarter Way to Invest. They are also an Independent Registered Investment Advisor Firm…

Knowing What You Own…

The financial services industry has become largely comprised of brokers selling products who are primarily transactional! It’s important that you know the difference between Suitability vs Fiduciary.

Net Retirement Income Maximization ™

Your Retirement Goals and Dreams may only be achievable through the perpetual and sustainable cash flow that is needed to power two, three, or even four decades of your retirement.

Follow Your Retirement Dreams

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Protecting Your Family’s Legacy

When you think about leaving your mark on this world, the first thing that probably comes to mind is your legacy.

High Tides Float All Ships

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What is the Fiduciary Difference?